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To Be Awarded Winter 2020 - Recently Approved September 2019 ($8,282.97)

Screenagers-Growing Up In The Digital Age for $650

Kari Costanzo (Grades 5-12)

Objective:  To address, through viewing a film, the increasingly pressing need in our schools, community and world, regarding communicating safe and reasonable uses of various technology screens to our students and children.

StarLab for $795

Meg Hoon (First Grade Students)

Objective:  A continuous grant.  See Winter 2019

Suffolk County Archeological Association Native Life Workshop for $950

Kim Pelkonen (4th Grade Students)

Objective:  A continuous grant which corresponds to the 4th grade curriculum.  Children will have the opportunity to take part in Native American activities to extend their classroom learning of Native American culture.

Scraggy’s Bookworm Vending Machine for $4,190

Selinda Stout (K-5 Library/Classroom)

Objective:  A vending machine which will contain books that are in high demand for grades K-5. There will be approximately 20 different books to select from, which will satisfy students’ interests and reading levels.

Julia Cook Update for $510.10

Allyson Carlson (Grades K-5)

Objective:  A continuous grant for inspirational books.  These books actively involve young people in fun, memorable stories, which teaches them to become lifelong problem solvers.

Preparing Culturally Diverse Students for Academic Success for $1,187.87

Christina Marino and ENL Teachers:  Mary Lyons, Regina Paquette, and Jennifer Walling (Grades K-12)

Objective:  To ensure the continuation of the ENL Family Gatherings.  The families enjoy these gatherings as they get to interact with other families, increase their social and emotional growth, build a rapport with the teachers, as well as learn of community programs that are available to them.

Awarded Winter 2019 (Total Awarded:  $5,105.59)

Native Life Workshop for $850

Gina Santini (Grade 4)

Objective:  Students will have the opportunity to take part in Native American activities to extend their classroom learning of Native American culture.

3D Printing for the Classroom for $1,674.59

Adam Bouchard (Grade 8 Science, Earth Science, and Middle/High School Science Olympiad Clubs.

Objective:  Utilizing 3D printers in the classroom to print models to help instruction, print parts for Science Olympiad projects, and to be used by students to produce any other creative, useful science related objects.

Teaching Virtually for $1,791

Melissa Martin (Kindergarten)

Objective:  Piloting goggles designed to be used with iPods.

Virtual reality for kids gives them an opportunity to explore places, countries, continents, etc.

Gives children the experience of time traveling to key historic events.

Gives simulated real-life experiences.

Starlab for $790

Sandra Eybs (First Grade Students)

Objective:  The Starlab program provides an inflatable planetarium for students to explore the night sky and constellations.  Students will also develop a simple sketch, drawing, or physical model to illustrate how the shape of an object helps it function as needed to solve a given problem.

Awarded Fall 2019 (Total Awarded: $5,214.92)

The Kindness Rocks Project for $2,000

Jeanette Garofola and Paige Lohmann (Grades 6-8)

Objective:  To inspire and educate the students about the concept of cultivating “Kindversations” and how simple everyday acts of kindness can produce greater connections.  Ultimately, they hope to build a “Kindness Rocks Garden” at the middle school.

Math Fact Staircase for $1,707

Megan Ryan (Grades 6-8)

Objective:  The math staircase will help students learn their math facts.  The attractive step décor will replace flash cards and online games, this will give students a fun and new way to remember their multiplication facts.

Literacy Project for $1,507.92

Marissa Shannon (Kindergarteners entering 1st Grade)

Objective:  To support a student’s emerging literacy skills in a fun and engaging manner.  A final objective would be for the students to sustain their reading and writing skills during the summer months.

Grants Awarded Winter 2018

Total Awarded:  $7,342.43!!!

Theaterworks USA - Charlotte’s Web for $712.50

Objective:  To reinforce students understanding of Charlotte’s Web anthology, which is part of the Common Core NYS ELA curriculum.

Native Life Workshop for $800

Objective:  Students will have the opportunity to take part in Native American activities to extend their classroom learning of Native American culture.

Fish Tanks Enhance the Science Classroom For $329.93

Objective:  Upgrade the current 75-gallon fish tank stocked with African Cichlids in the science classroom.

Expansion of Green House Grow Are for $2,000

Objective:  To expand the current elementary school green house by adding shelves.  Students will have the opportunity to grow more plants and work in a more functional environment.

The Science of Fitness:  Technology That Increase Intrinsic Motivation for $2,200

Objective:  Provide students with the opportunity to sign up for group fitness classes that incorporate wearable fitness technology.

The Riverhead Foundation Seal Release – Beach Cleanup & Lab for $1,300

Objective:  This is a continuous grant funded by REF, which enhances the 3rd grade science and social studies curriculum.

Grants Awarded Fall 2018

Total Awarded:  $731.86

Middle School/High School Ukulele Program for $731.86

Objective:  Instrument will be used in a continuing program from the elementary school and will be used to connect traditional music curricula to current popular styles of music and instruments.

Grants Awarded Fall 2017

Total Awarded: $4,141.84

Sensory Room Major Grant for $663.42

Submitted by Christina Carlson

Objective:  Create a sensory space for special needs students and all students in the middle school.

School Store on Wheels Major Grant for $1,000

Submitted by Michelle Landetta

Objective:  Encourage special education students in grades 6-8 to develop their math and communication skills.

Food for Thought Major Grant for $1,500

Submitted by Kristin Britt

Objective:  Mini lessons which foster a sense of security provided by sharing meals and helping to develop students in grades 6-8 into healthy, well-rounded adults.

Julia Cook Activity Books Mini-Grant for $170

Submitted by Dr. Allyson Carlson 

Objective:  School psychologist will use activity books with students in grades PreK-5.

Google Expeditions Mini-Grant for $419.17

Submitted by Robert Farenga

Objective:  Used in Spanish and Foreign Language grade 6 classes.  Students are able to take virtual field trips using Google cardboard viewers.

Chess Club Mini-Grant for $389.25 

Submitted by Phil Giannusa                      

Objective:  Provide Chess sets and chess clock for Chess Club students in the middle school.

Grants for Winter/Spring 2017

Total Awarded $6,533.79!!!!!!

GaGa Ball Pit $1379.50 

Part of this grant $500 was funded by the 2015 5th Grade Class.  This was originally to be awarded during the Spring of 2016 for $500; however, it was resubmitted with the new amount. Finally after much discussion and a presentation by Amy McClelland it was awarded in 2017.  

Submitted by Amy McClelland/Grades 3-5 (during recess) 

Objective: GaGa Ball Project relates to the district’s (Dignity for all Students Act). This project provides all students with a safe and supportive environment on school property and at school-sponsored activities and events. 


Making Port Jeff Curriculum Available 24 Hours a Day for $1,567.79    

Submitted by Megan Roth-Ueno for grade 5   

Objective:  Making 5th grade curriculum instructional videos available to 5th grade students.  This will give 5th grade students an opportunity to see and hear curriculum instruction numerous times, especially when a student is absent from school.


Raised Bed Garden for $554.64

Submitted by Steven Orlowski for grades 3-5 Life Skills students & Garden Club


Character Education Guest Speaker for $1,000

Submitted by Jesse Rosen for grades 9-12

Objective:  This program is designed to promote a positive school environment.  The program involves a presentation by Victoria Ruvolo, who discusses the importance of forgiveness and compassion.


Upper Elementary Ukulele Program for $731.86

Submitted by Jessica Pastor for grades 4-5

Objective:  To teach students how to read music on this stringed instrument and learn chord positions for playing popular songs.  This will promote continued music learning and performing outside of the music room.       


Riverhead Foundation ($1,300) 

On-going grant for students in 3rd grade 

Objective: Involves beach cleanup, seal release, and related curriculum. 

Grants for Fall 2016

Vernier Elementary Science $499.90

Submitted by Megan Roth-Ueno for Grades 4-6 

Objective:  To allow students to see measurements and graphs on a computer (Smart Board).  The tools for temperature, light, gas pressure, magnetic field, voltage and PH, would allow students to make basic measurements and then examine them in data form. 


Native Life Workshop $800

Submitted by Gina Santini for Grade 4 

Objective:  Students will have the opportunity to take part in Native American activities to extend their classroom learning of Native American culture. 


Collecting Scientific Data with Computer $1,978

Submitted by Adam Bouchard for Grade 8 Science 

Objective:  To have students utilize probeware interfaces and probes for digital data collection.  The use of probeware makes for more accurate data collection and help students better graph and analyze the data for their usage in laboratory activities. 


Scraggy's Window to the World $1,094.77

Submitted by Selinda Moore for Grades PreK-5 

Objective:  To bring lessons to life by having students observe the many wonders of the world through Web Cam sites all over the world.  The live video can be from another country, distant city, a sporting event, or a national park.


Grants for Winter/Spring 2016

Mini-Grant: Portable Language Lab ($458.97) 

Submitted by Heather Pisano /(Grades 7-12) 

Objective: To supplement the LOTE lab, which is in addition to the language lab currently at the middle/high school 


Major Grant: Riverhead Foundation ($1,300) 

On-going grant for students in 3rd grade 

Objective: Involves beach cleanup, seal release, and related curriculum. 


Major Grant: Elementary (K/1) Violin Unit in General Music Class ($1,319.40) 

Submitted by Dr. Salzman/ Grades K-1 

This is a continuation of a grant approved in 2015 & 2013 

Standing Desk for Students $1,084.95

Submitted by Christina Carlson for Resource Room Program grades 6-8

Objective:  Utilize desks for Attention Deficit students to help with focus.


Grants for Fall 2015

Mini-Grant: Egyptian Museum ($500) 

Submitted by Mrs. Doreen Marullo/ Students in 3rd grade 

Objective: An Egyptian Museum featuring art projects, fiction, and nonfiction writing, audio visual presentations and replicas of Egyptian artifacts and monuments. 


Mini-Grant: Gardening Across the Centuries ($416.35) 

Submitted by Ms. Kari Costanzo/ All 4th graders 

Objective: Provide hands on experience to 4th graders and involve them in planting a lasting garden in the courtyard between the music room and computer lab. 


Mini-Grant: Social and Emotional Positive Behavior Supports ($483.64 + $16.35) 

Submitted by Allyson Carlson, Psy.D/Pre K -5th grade 

Objective: Provide teachers with an immediate resource to address issues that may arise during school days. 


Mini-Grant: In-Class Reading Program ($492.01) 

Submitted by Tony Butera/ Kindergarten Reading Program 

Objective: Provide the teacher with resources that will be reusable. This will benefit students in the kindergarten program. 


Mini-Grant: Cooking Club….Food for Thought ($500) 

Submitted by Kristin Britt/Middle and High School Students 

Objective: Give students an active voice within their peer groups to become healthier and happier by taking the time to work together and enjoy a meal. 


Major Grant: Native American Life Workshop (Approximately $800) 

Submitted by Kari Costanzo & 4th grade teachers/ All 4th grade students 

Objective: Students will have the opportunity to take part in Native American activities to extend their classroom learning of Native American culture. 


Grants for Winter 2015

Mini-Grant: Academic Team Buzzers ($250) 

Submitted by Michel Krivosta/High school students in academic team competition 


Mini-Grant: Bird Feeder Watch ($240) 

Submitted by Janelle Belotti/Students in the elementary SEAL program. 

Objective: Students will monitor and record the habits of winter birds. 


Mini-Grant: Elementary (K/1) Violin Unit in General Music Classes ($500) 

Submitted by Dr. Salzman/Grades K-1 

Objective: to introduce the proper sized violin to students in K-1. 

This is a continuation of a grant approved in 2013. 


Grants for Fall 2014

Mini-Grant: Forces & Motion with Technology Applications ($378.95) 

Submitted by M. Roth-Ueno & L. Novellino/5th Grade Students 


Mini-Grant: Food for Thought ($500) 

Submitted by Kristin Britt for middle school students. 

Objective: To help special needs students develop age appropriate social skills, improve communication skills, and foster a positive and nurturing school culture. 


Mini-Grant: The Buddy Bench ($500) 

Submitted by Amy McClelland/Grades 2-5 

Objective: To help foster friendships, social interaction, and empathy on the elementary school playground. 


Major Grant: Suffolk County Archeological Association Native Life Workshop ($700) 

Submitted by G. Santini/4th Grade 

Objective: To provide students with the opportunity to take part in Native American activities to extend their classroom learning of Native American Culture. 


Major Grant: Trout Conservation Program ($1,350) 

Submitted by Jonathan Maletta/AP Environment Science class 

Objective: To provide students with the opportunity to observe stages of mitosis, differentiation, and embryonic development within the trout population. 

Grants for 2012-13

In September 2012, the Foundation awarded $1900.00 in grants for the 2012-2013 school year.


Kristi Krieg received $560.00 awarded for the “Portable Planetarium” which will allow 5th grade students to view the Vanderbilt Planetarium’s projection shows of our universe on the school grounds, enhancing the 5th grade astronomy unit.


Dinarae Squatriglia received $320.00 to purchase Pulse Monitors for use in the “Fitness for a Lifetime” program. A unit in physical education classes benefitting the middle and high school students.


Darlene Wells received $470.00 for a Wireless Weather Station to enhance the 2nd grade weather curriculum and available for entire elementary school use.


Jonathan Maletta received $550.00 for the purchase of a Boreal2 HM Series Digital Microscope to be use by high school students in AP Environmental Science for the NOAA Plankton Monitoring Network Project.


The 4th grade teachers: Dana St. Pierre, Kristen Boney, Kari Costanzo, and Nancy Winkler Brogan received $600.00 for the Suffolk County Archeological Association to give a one day in-school workshop with Native American activities that enhance the 4th grade curriculum of Native American Culture. This replaces the Hoyt Farm field trip that is no longer funded by the school district.


Grants for 2012-13

Elementary School “Science Programming” for grades K-5th. One hour of targeted Science programming for each child in the elementary school; topics chosen by faculty.

PreK – Seeds and Plants – TBA per Long Island Science Center

Kindergarten – Phases of the Moon – March 20th

Grade 1 – States of Matter – December 19th

Grade 2 – Meteorology/Storm Watch – February 16th

Grade 3 – Pine Barrens – December 15th

Grade 4 – Leaves and Seeds – April 4th

Grade 5 – Balloon Powered Vehicle – April 26th

  • Funding of Riverhead Foundation curriculum enhancement including: Introduction to marine mammal and sea turtles, human interaction issues, noise affects, marine debris and pollution, water quality, food chain, bioaccumulation, climate change, adaptations to aquatic life style, marine mammal and sea turtle tracking, ocean currents, habitats (marine vs. fresh water, sandy vs. rocky beaches etc.), plus beach seal release and beach clean up.

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